(2007) Subterranean Dream

(2007) Subterranean Dream

Genre : lyrical jazz, vocal jazz
Released Date : 7 / Jul / 2007
  1. Never Let me go
  2. Should we or Should we not
  3. Can’t we be friends
  4. I’m a fool to want you

Stephanie K has emerged like the Venus of jazz – with a fully-developed style that is more in keeping with that of a veteran artist. Her voice has a presence that immediately captures your attention, drawing you into her sphere of musical influence, emitting flashes of Aretha Franklin, Carol King, Diana Krall and Billie Holiday. But Stephanie K is no derivative jazz singer; she is a true original (understand that she had never even heard Anita O’Day as recently as a year ago). And she has at her command an impressive level of musicianship, with the phrasing, intonation and time sense of the seasoned jazz musician. That she came by all this as a mother of four living in Northern Germany for the past thirteen years is powerful testament to her natural abilities. Stephanie K’s musical tastes run to rich, rarely-heard ballads that are brought to life by her torchy vocal style, fresh renderings of canonical popular tunes and vivid transformations of chestnuts from the American songbook.

This album, the first to be produced in Stephanie K’s native U.S.A., is a book that is hard to put down; from the first phrase, you can’t wait to hear where it will go next. She is joined here by an impressive group of young New York musicians. Most notable are pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers and guitarist Ryan Scott, who create a nearly perfect complement to Stephanie’s vocal style, surrounding her with a rich texture that rarely intrudes, expanding on her implicit harmonic and rhythmic statements. Highlights include her intimate rendering of James Taylor’s “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight”, the lush, haunting “I’m a Fool to Want You” and “Straight Ahead”, a tune by the legendary Mal Waldron. In his remarkable solo on “Straight Ahead”, Goldberg seems to channel the composer, with an uncanny recreation of Waldron’s distinctive left-hand-centric piano style. “Can’t We Be Friends” begins with a near-telepathic duo with bassist Rogers, establishing once and for all Stephanie K’s considerable musical chops. A growing passion for writing her own tunes and lyrics is reflected here in three original compositions: the feisty “Should We or Should We Not”, an impressionistic “Subterranean Dream” and the eerily cool “Whispers With the Wind”. Her talents as a lyricist are also evidenced in her version of Wayne Shorter’s classic “Infant Eyes”, a performance that perhaps best characterizes her unique fusion of jazz and torch styles. Stephanie K’s American recording debut is destined to capture the attention of the jazz public: if you play this CD and don’t find yourself possessed by her music, you had better have your hearing checked.
Track list
1. Don’t let me be lonely tonight 4’07 (James Taylor)
2. The fool on the hill 4’22 (Lennon/McCartney)
3. Should we or should we not 2’42 (Stephanie K.)
4. I’m a fool to want you 6’03 (J.Herron/F.Sinatra)
5. Subterranean dream 3’59 (Stephanie K.)
6. Echoes of a landscape 4’53 (Daniel Masuch)
7. Never let me go 4’04 (J.Livingston/R.Evan)
8. Straight ahead 3’56 (Mal Waldron)
9. Can‘t we be friends 2’52 (James/K. P.Swift)
10. 50 ways to leave your lover 4’53 (Paul Simon)
11. Infant eyes 4’53 (Wayne Shorter)
12. Can‘t fi nd my way home 4’49 (Steve Winwood)
13. The island (Começar de novo) 5’06 (Ivan Lins)
14. Whispers with the wind 4’36 (Stephanie K.)
15. Winter sweet 5’19 (Kenny Wheeler)

Never Let me go // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  1. Never Let me go // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  2. Should we or Should we not // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  3. Can’t we be friends // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream
  4. I’m a fool to want you // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream