In the Silence of the Snowfall

In the Silence of the Snowfall


From warm and cheerful Bossa vibes to melancholy Blues, and contemplative Jazz Ballads, this recording offers something for every winter mood. Violinist Christine Rudolf and cellist Tobias Köhler interweave a classic feeling throughout songs that are complemented by the accompaniment and solos of Peter Kräubig (piano), Christian Kappe (trumpet), Klaus Dapper (sax), and Matthias Fleige (guitar). Bassist Jürgen Knautz and drummer Jan Freund keep the whole project honest in the tradition of jazz. This tapestry of sound allows Stephanie K. complete freedom to reveal her multi-facetted vocal and phrasing abilities. She is at times soft and inviting, then sassy and enticing, and other times fragile and innocent. A special highlight is the playful duet with vocal virtuoso Richie Alexander.

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Dimensions 23.5 x 12.5 x 1 cm
Never Let me go // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  1. Never Let me go // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  2. Should we or Should we not // (2007) Subterranean Dream
  3. Can’t we be friends // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream
  4. I’m a fool to want you // Stephanie K. - Subterranean Dream